It's a FREE Virtual Party! What?! Yes, that's right, it's FREE! These parties are such a blast! Each month, we'll have so much fun dancing with girls from across the country with our DJ Lady D-Rock and we'll do an activity to help let your personality P.O.P. - to be Playful, Original, and Powerful! And to become the POP SCENTsation that we know you are!

*Parties are 30mins (Perfect for girls ages 7+)

Glamp It Up Activity

We believe you can do anything! And we're going to prove that to you by Glamping Up your summer! This month, we're going to head to camp POP SCENTsation because we have some badges to give out. Woohoo...I love me some badges! Which badge do you think you will receive? Will it be Adventurous, Courageous, Strong, Kind, or maybe even Athletic? You get to choose which three badges you want and the activities you have to do to achieve it. By the end of this Glamp It Up Party you'll discover what makes you a POP SCENTsation! Can't make the live party with us? Don't can still do this activity. Check out our POP CULTURE.

Your Voice Matters

You have a voice and we want to hear what you have to say! At the end of our FREE Parties, you'll get a chance to tell us what songs you want Lady D-Rock to play at the next POP-UP Party, ask Victoria questions, and/or tell us what future themes you want us to do!

*After you sign up for our FREE Party, we'll email you the zoom party link and a FREE download of the activity to print, along with some other materials you will need on July 1st. But don't worry, they'll all be materials you already have at home (Ex: Markers)

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