Hey there! You probably found this page because you were surprised with a Confetti Box or maybe you just heard about this fun challenge from a friend! I hope you will accept the challenge and help me light up the faces of girls everywhere!

How It Started

This challenge started with just one person...me! I love lighting up girls faces and wanted to challenge myself to find a way to do it everyday. So, I got to work and put together over 200 boxes filled with confetti and a hidden Power Confetti Card to reveal what makes the recipient a POP SCENTsation! She might receive a card that states she's smart, strong, brave, adventurous, sassy, powerful, etc. The Power Confetti Cards are all different and it is amazing to witness how each girl receives the card that is so perfect for them. Each day I continue to surprise girls in my area (Charlotte, NC) with these little boxes and in a short time the #ConfettiBoxChallenge has expanded to other states!

The Challenge

Here's what you have to do...for one week you'll give away one Confetti Box each day to a girl around your age. Now for the challenge, it has to be to a girl you don't know! It's easy to give to your friends but I promise, it will feel even more amazing when you have the courage to light up the face of a girl you don't know! This is where it gets really fun...it can be a girl you see at the mall, super market, Target or maybe just to a girl passing by.  Still a little nervous about going up to someone you never met, don't worry, we will set up a facetime call and I'll walk you through everything! You got this!

Let's Get Started

To accept the #ConfettiBoxChallenge, email me the following to victoria@victoriacollette.com:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Phone # (so we can set up a facetime)
  • Best days/times to facetime
  • Address (so we can mail you your confetti boxes)

All challengers will be mailed a total of 8 Confetti Boxes. One for you (woohoo) and 7 to give away! Oh, and each challenger will be entered into our monthly drawing for a chance to win a FREE Perfume Creation Kit! Thanks so much for helping me light up the faces of girls everywhere!