Victoria's Story

There are many reasons why I feel scent can help us POP and release our full selves, but part of the reason why I chose scent was by simply following my nose so to speak. Our paths are not set in stone, but the one thing I’ve always been great at is following the clues that presented themselves to me. What started as a “crazy” idea, quickly turned into my dream career as I filled my life with more creativity, passion, and love than ever before!

There I was, a college graduate with a business degree. For me, that meant I had no idea what I wanted to do! At the time, I wasn’t even sure what I even liked to do. I was a bit lost and confused. I did what any lost and confused 20 something would do. I got a job! I started in the financial industry and then moved on to Human Resources doing Training and Development. Working and living in Manhattan right out of College I should have felt happy with my “success”, yet I knew there was something missing. I changed companies every few years, searching for something more. It wasn’t until I was approaching 30 that things became a little clearer. After reading many self-help books I learned that I wanted to work for myself and that I loved helping others find their passions. With my background in HR, the most logical step was to start my own career counseling firm.

About two months shy of my 30th birthday, I resigned from my job, left my dream apartment in Manhattan, and moved home to start this new venture. Within a few months, I quickly realized that this was not for me. What was I going to do now? Then, one night before I was going to sleep, this idea “popped” into my mind. I quickly took out a notepad and began writing all the details and images that came to mind. Sure enough, I outlined a plan for a perfume line. This was so out of left field for me. I never found a perfume that I loved and the running joke in my family was that if anyone bought me perfume I was definitely going to return it. This is crazy...How could I start a perfume company? Me, a young woman from Long Island…there is no way! So, I sat on that idea for a complete year. I was now 31, still living at home, no job, and, to top it all off, SINGLE! I officially hit ROCK BOTTOM! The one good thing about hitting rock bottom is that the only direction you can go from there is up. So, I thought to myself, what do I have to lose?

That was January of 2010 when I decided to run with that “crazy” idea and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. I am now doing exactly what I love doing. I love opening up my creativity to create new products and scents for all of you. I am passionate about designing products to help women and girls find their courage to pursue whatever it is they most want to do, and to become the woman they were born to be. It is funny how things work out. I think of my career as a form of career counseling, but I use the powerful nature of scent to help women POP all that is inside them…their full power! And remember how I said that I never found a perfume that I loved? Well, maybe that was because I was destined to create my own perfume! But it all makes total sense now. As far back as I could remember, I always did stop to “smell the roses”, literally! I was fascinated with scent. It allowed me to dream, imagine, create, and play. 

I hope you enjoy letting yourself POP with scent and I look forward to hearing all about your many creations!

With love,