POP-UP Parties

Let's party...make it your Own Party or attend one of our LIVE Parties! Each month there is a different party theme. If you attend one of our LIVE Parties, not only will you be able to make and bottle a different perfume, but you'll have a blast with our dance party breaks, laugh with girls from across the country, and at the end you'll get to POP open your confetti box to reveal what makes you so amazing and special, or as we like to say...a POP SCENTsation! CLICK HERE to watch a video about our parties.

*LIVE Parties are 60mins (Perfect for girls ages 7+)

Theme - Witches Brew

Your magical powers are ready! Yes, you read that right! You have magical powers and the ability to make anything come rue! So, my little Witch, let's get brewing!

Create your own perfumed potions with these four Potion Ingredients:

  1. Dragon Scales for courage, strength, to do the impossible
  2. Unicorn Hair for transforming, beauty, creativity
  3. Owl Feathers for the answers, to soar, see clearly
  4. Pearl Dust for love, friendship, healing abilities 
What potions are you going to create?

    Party Includes

    • FREE SHIPPING on all party supply kits - mailed to you prior to party
    • Party Supply Kit includes: 4 Fragrance Dropper Bottles, Book of Magic Spells & Potions, 10ml roll-on bottle to fill, roller-ball, 4 scent sticks, drip skirt, formula card, confetti box
    • If attending LIVE Party - Exclusive Zoom Link to 60 minute POP SCENTsation LIVE Party
    • If attending LIVE Party - 15 minute Dance Party prior to party with our DJ - Lady D-Rock
    • If making your Own Party - you'll also receive easy step by step instructions in each kit and Tips & Tricks Video to you facilitate your party. Optional Virtual Party run by POP SCENTsation for party of 6 or more

    Want us to add more party dates, contact us with dates and times that work for you and if we get enough requests, we'll add more parties!

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