Witches Brew


Your magical powers are ready! Yes, you read that right! You have magical powers and the ability to make anything come true! So, my little Witch, let's get brewing!

Create your own perfumed potions with these four Potion Ingredients:

  1. Lion's Roar for courage, strength, to do the impossible
  2. Butterfly Wing for transforming, beauty, creativity
  3. Owl Feathers for the answers, to soar, see clearly
  4. Puppy Licks for love, friendship, healing abilities

What potions are you going to create?

  • Step by Step Instructions
  • Book of Magic Spells & Potions
  • 15ml Dropper Bottle of Lion's Roar Eau de Parfum
  • 15ml Dropper Bottle of Butterfly Wing Eau de Parfum
  • 15ml Dropper Bottle of Owl Feathers Eau de Parfum
  • 15ml Dropper Bottle of Puppy Licks Eau de Parfum
  • 4 Scent Sticks
  • 3 Roll-on Bottles to Fill (10ml each)
  • 3 Potion Cards
  • 3 Drip Skirts
  • I'm a POP SCENTsation Activity Sheet
  • And a whole lot of fun!
  •  (Perfect for ages 8+)


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