Flower Power

Flower Power

There is so much inside of you that makes you a POP SCENTsation! So, let’s find out what your Power Card wants to reveal to you right now! Tap on the video to play and then tap again to reveal your Power Card!

Before your read about your Power Card, remember we all have each of these abilities inside us but one is standing out more for you right now. Embrace it and remember, you've got the power! 


All you need is love and you got plenty of it right now. Think of yourself like Poppy from Trolls. Spread the love and of course, HUGS to everyone you meet! So get out there and love!


The groove is in your heart right now so go with the flow. Follow all the good vibes because these vibes are going to lead you to a super groovy time!


You’re going to Rock! You’re the star of the show…your show! So, what is it you want to do right now? Go do it because this is your time to Rock! 


You’re going to shine from a mile because you finally got back that smile! Smiles are contagious so light up the world with your smile and you’ll spread smiles wherever you go!