Are you the next POP Girl?

May 27, 2020

Are you the next POP Girl?

Seeking girls to highlight! (No purchase necessary) Our goal is to light girls up and we want to show the world how amazing and special each girl is…or as we like to say, show how they’re a POP SCENTsation! Are you the next POP SCENTsation or know a girl(s) ages 7-11 whose Playful, Original, and Powerful (P.O.P.)?

We believe every girl is a POP SCENTsation so everyone is encouraged to enter!

To enter, all you have to do is:
(1) Email
(2) Use the subject heading – Next POP SCENTsation
(3) Tell us your full name
(4) Tell us your age
(5) And answer this one question: What is the one thing you truly love doing and why? It's the thing that lights you up!

Each month, our team will select a girl to highlight. If you’re selected here’s what you will receive:
(1) You'll be interviewed by Victoria via Zoom
(2) An article written all about you which will be featured on our website
(3) You will be highlighted on our social media pages
(4) FREE POP-UP Party Ticket to use towards that months party!

Please share this blog post with a girl(s) you know. By doing so, you’re telling her that you believe she’s amazing and special and most definitely a POP SCENTsation!

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