Make Your Wish Bloom

Make Your Wish Bloom

We all like to make wishes, right? So what if we could make our wishes bloom?! Literally! Do you want to play along? Good, because we know we do! 

Materials Needed:
  • Planting Pot
  • Potting Soil
  • Dandelion Seeds (Instead of purchasing seeds, you can go out and hunt for those fluffy white dandelions)
  • Dissolving Paper (We got ours on Amazon. See here)
  • Markers or Pen
  • Gardening Tools: shovel, gloves, watering can
Let's get started

First we need to find some dandelion seeds. You can either purchase a pack of seeds at the store or have fun and go outside in search for those white fluffy dandelions. These are the seeds we will need later to make our wish bloom!


It's wish making time! Get as creative as you can with your wish. No wish is too small or too big! If you have more than one wish, that's okay too! Once you're ready, take out your special paper and something to write with. You can either draw or write your wish on your piece of paper. Once you're done, place your wish aside.

Time to Plant

Get your planting pot, potting soil, seeds, gardening tools, and your wish. Fill your pot with soil but leave some room at the top. You don't want to fill your pot all the way. Dig a shallow hole in the middle of your pot. About 1/2" inch deep. Place your wish in the hole and sprinkle your seeds over your wish. Bury your wish along with the seeds and give it some water. Your wish and dandelion seeds prefer direct sunlight to bloom and a lot of water so place your pot in a sunny area and water it daily. 

Watch your Wish Bloom

Before you know it, your wish will begin to bloom! Enjoy your beautiful bright yellow dandelion but hold tight because some magic is about to happen. As your dandelion grows it will then begin to transform into a a fluffy white flower. This is telling you that your wish is ready to fly. Make your wish soar into the sky by blowing as hard as you can. Every little seed that flies away will create more opportunities for your wish to bloom and the more times it blooms, the more likely your wish will come true! 

Share with us

We hope you have fun watching your wish bloom! Share with us the growth of your wish and how it soars by using #ImAPOPSCENTsation. With each post you share, you will be entered into our monthly contest for a chance to win a FREE Creation Kit.

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